We have successfully completed more than 1500+ of the satisfied customer for Commercial and Residential Building as analyzing problems of Water seepage, damp in walls, anti-fungus angles and providing waterproofing services.

We are equipped with all the technical skills set required to deliver world-class quality services and retain the reputation of being one of the most trusted waterproofing solutions companies in Bangalore. We have always delivered projects in the time period as promised while taking up the project and provide the best possible solution.

Some of our services are waterproofing treatment of retaining wall, wall crack, terrace floor tiles, overhead tank, underground sump, swimming pool tile, expansion joint, tiles for balcony, underground water tank, house foundation, constructions joints, tunnels, pressure grouting, STP Tank and ETP Plant, renovation works, roof gardening, and other areas Etc.

We are one of the reputed waterproofing contractor companies in Bangalore for leakages in the basement, terrace, roof, concrete slabs, concrete floors, and ceilings. There two steps involved in our waterproofing technique they are crack filling and applying screed based polymer coating. Our highly experienced labor force ensures that our clients get tension free living in 100% waterproof homes. The waterproofing is inside the concrete which is protected by the concrete, and it will not get damaged or wash away over time.

Key advantages of  waterproofing

Prevent algae growth:
The treated surface will provide protection from algae growth without harming the environment due to non-toxic compounds.

Solves the cause of the problem:
Our technology will solve the problem by sealing fine hairline cracks that traditional methods cannot reach. Wherever water flows, our hydro-tech solution will be able to reach and seal perfectly.

Our technology allows us to get the job done without any removal of the existing tile finish. This means no noise, dust and no hassles! our technology saves time thus saving the money.

Benefits of having waterproofing techniques

Waterproofing is the most important part of any building construction. You should prevent water leakage at all costs. We know which area the water may leak from, and take precaution against it before things get worst or out of hand.

  • Interior protection
  • Maintaining the value of the property
  • Having your structure in place
  • Preventing unnecessary future cost

What if your home isn’t waterproof?

  • Structural failures due to water leakages
  • Blistering of paint
  • Possible electrical short circuit
  • Deterioration of both external and interior furnishings
  • Decreases life of Building

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